In light of the current global fights for Black and queer rights, we have published two talks from Fuchsbau Festival 2019 that deal with those topics.

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We as Fuchsbau e.V. collective will donate 500€ split between Initiative Schwarze Menschen in Deutschland and GLADT e.V., an organization working with queer BPOC folx. Please join us in this, put your money where your mouth is and donate - if you can!

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Key Conversation:
Munroe Bergdorf on the Aesthetics of Protest

Who or what sells well on Instagram or on Amazon? Too often, colonial patterns, capitalist ideals and ableism play a role here. What does it mean when protest movements collide with these worlds? In how far is the fashion business increasingly being politicized? What do we think of the commercialization of political movements by mainstream figures in fashion and pop culture such as Beyonce or H&M? Is the aestheticization of protest on Instagram an act of balance between fast scrolling and enormous virality? Or is it just a new form of old aesthetic forms of protest that movements such as ACT UP have used since the 1980’s?

Munroe Bergdorf is a loud and proud representative of the LGBTQ+ community who fights against racism and transphobia through her impressive presence in social and traditional media. She writes for i-D, them and The Guardian, among others. She heads the LGBTQ+ division of Dazed Beauty. 

Moderated by Shaka McGlotten.


Credit: Jan Helge Petri


Everyday politics are first and foremost concerned with our bodies, our emotions. Socio-political discourses can be traced back to casual sentences and small interactions. Black data is an experiment in touching feeling thinking blackness and techne. Black—black folkz, black site, black box, black bloc. Racialized blackness has been produced through and alongside technologies and this performance lecture by Shaka McGlotten foregrounds the work of makers who improvise survivable pasts and presents.


Shaka McGlotten is a social anthropologist with a background in the fine arts. Their work deploys new media technologies in relation to queer cultures. They have published and lectured on public sex, black genders, online cultures, pornography, gaming, zombie sexuality, human waste, voguing and more. They are the author of »Virtual Intimacies: Media, Affect, and Queer Sociality« and »Dragging; Or, the Political Aesthetics of Drag«. Currently, they are associate professor at State University of New York working on Black Data.

Moderated by Dr. Tiara Roxanne. The scientist, performer and author investigates the relationship between indigenous bodies and artificial intelligence. She is currently researching at the German Center for Integration and Migration Research in Berlin.


Credit: Isabel Machado Rios