Abilaschan Balamuraley

Annett JarewskiSpeaker

Abilaschan Balamuraley is studying cultural studies with a focus on music and cultural policy at Universität Hildesheim. He just completed his stay abroad in Istanbul Turkey – studying cultural management at the Istanbul Bilgi University. He curated the „Grooving in the Heart of Whiteness” – conference about heterogeneity within the musicological education and research in Germany.

Dee Diggs

Annett JarewskiMusic

Dee Diggs is a DJ, event curator & organizer formerly working in Boston, MA and now based in Brooklyn, NY. She is unapologetically black, queer, & femme. She is building and using her influence to create space for marginalized groups to express & organize themselves. Her aim is to sustain more spaces where these groups are valued and thanked by … Read More

Feminist Meme School

Annett JarewskiDiscourse

In the Feminist Meme School your own experiences with discrimination become the basis for dank memes, that will be posted in real time on Instagram. So a negative experience becomes a moment of joy and strength. In addition to learning the technical know-how, exchange and discussion are the main focus of the workshop.


Annett JarewskiDiscourse

Black data is an experiment in touching feeling thinking blackness and techne. Black—black folkz, black site, black box, black bloc. Racialized blackness has been produced through and alongside technologies and this performance lecture by Shaka McGlotten foregrounds the work of makers who improvise survivable pasts and presents.   Language: EN

We went to the supermarket and all they had were complex power structures

Annett JarewskiDiscourse

»Stone throwing attack on Denn’s organic market are met with incomprehension« »The world is turned upside-down in Berlin’s eco-neighborhood: Kreuzberg residents fight for Aldi« Supermarkets are not just places where everyday shopping is done. There is a debate about taste issues, about ethical consumption but also about the big debates of our globalized but fragmented world. Does a global proletariat … Read More

27 of the most Epic Thoughts on Climate Change and Technology

Annett JarewskiDiscourse

How do we relate to our environment and its people? This event focuses on contemporary scientific theories on queer ecology, on the blurred boundaries between humans and the environment in a post-humanist setting. The separation of culture and nature as a distinguishing feature of human existence necessitates views that prioritize people over their environment and non-human actors. Thus protecting the … Read More

Bodi Bill

Henry AlvesIndex, Music

Seit 2007 sind sie als Band unterwegs mit ihrem musikalischen Eklektizismus aus Techno, Folk und Indie, in diesem Jahr nach langer Pause aber zurück mit neuem Album. Die Musik konfrontiert auf zivilisierte Art, ist so verstörend wie anregend und besitzt die Angewohnheit, sich schillernd zu verändern, Form und Funktion zu wechseln. Sie bietet sich an und stellt doch eher Gegenfragen … Read More

Christina von Haaren

Annett JarewskiDiscourse, Speaker

Christina von Haaren researches and teaches in the fields of landscape planning and nature conversation. Recently, she has published on behavioural mechanisms in landscape planning and on biodiversity. She was a member of The German Advisory Council on the Environment to the federal government and in 2019 she was appointed vice president for international affairs at the University of Hannover.

xanax attax

Annett JarewskiMusic

xanax attax started his DJ career in London with the PxssyPalace Collective. By now, he is also a favourite of the Berlin club scene. In his sets he mixes pop, hiphop, trap as well as his favourite Arabic pop tunes to a fresh and rather danceable mix. In his own words: »Queeriental«.

Nina Noir

Henry AlvesMusic

Over the last six years Nina Noir has brought her sets from Hanover to Berlin and Hamburg. As part of the racial left techno collective »Roit« she delivers a technoid, impulsive, bass heavy beat. At Fuchsbau Festival she is playing her debut in the festival circus.