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Under the festival theme ›Supermarkt‹ Fuchsbau explores the codepencies between pop culture, fashion and politics. Where does art end and capitalism begin? Together with local designers from Hanover 1-OFF SALE reinterprets the combination of sustainability, fashion and merch.

Designers: Luyu Zou, Henry Alves, Amelie Schulter, Peter Wendebourgh
Styling: Kollektiv Stress (Nane Anna Bohn, Samira Körner)
Screen printing: Pressure&Ink Hanover

Furthermore we’ll show the impressive collections of NAUBERG&Co, which questions consumption aesthetics and the standards of taste. NAUBERG&Co is one of the up and coming labels of the region.

Fashion Show with Grannys: On the exploration of individuality and the question: [How] can fashion be social? By dealing with the themes of feminism and age discrimination, the collection »selfhood sisters« wants to point out fashion as an important means of communication and as an art form to prove that fashion can be social. Individual-concentrated relationship work, against mass production and for social sustainability.

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