Foto: Oluwakemi Oritsejafor

Dee Diggs

Annett JarewskiMusic

Dee Diggs is a DJ, event curator & organizer formerly working in Boston, MA and now based in Brooklyn, NY. She is unapologetically black, queer, & femme.
She is building and using her influence to create space for marginalized groups to express & organize themselves. Her aim is to sustain more spaces where these groups are valued and thanked by name for their contributions to humanity. (Thank the OG Black innovators of House & Techno! Thank you, Disco-era Queens & Queers alike for the theatrics & fanfare of nightlife as we know it!)
Her sound is on the A-side, grounded & self-referential, & on the B-side, a dreamy and foreign pursuit. The Dee Diggs experience is the warm vibe that radiates through the room as the booth and the dance floor become one deep in the mix.

Slot: So, 11.08. - 16:00:00 Stage: Feinkost