Annett JarewskiArts

Epicenter is an interactive installation exploring the connection between our personal lifes and late capitalism. Different elements are staged in a collage-like way: A human-like puppet wearing the Epicenter logo lies in the middle of a regular-looking stand at a tech convention. Is it the host of the stand taking a nap? Is it a visitor of the event trying to escape the stress of talking business the whole day?
Please feel free to take one of the posters and visit the Epicenter website via the QR code.
The website will ask you a random question and by answering it, we – step by step, answer by answer – collectively generate an anonymous, public archive of how we live, work, relax and resist within a late-capitalist nightmare. But be aware! The Epicenter security cam is always watching you.
Epicenter has originally been created for and shown at Europe’s biggest technology fair “Cebit” as part of Fuchsbau Festival’s participation in the event.

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