In den Gängen

Annett JarewskiFilm

D: Thomas Stuber, DE 2018, 126 min, Subtitles: English

Christian finds himself in a new, unknown world: the long aisles, the bustle at the ckeckouts, the forklifts. He meets Rudi, Pallet-Klaus, TV-Jürgen and Bruno, from the beverages sector. Bruno shows him how the work is done, teaches him how to operate the forklift, becomes a fatherly friend. In the aisles, Christian also meets his colleague Confectionery-Marion. The coffee machine turns into their meeting spot and they come closer. Soon Christian will be an accepted member of the hearty -in their own funny way- supermarkt family.

Slot: Sa, 10.08. - 01:00:00 Stage: Kühlregal