Lea Sauer, Nadiah Riebensahm & Ronya Othmann: Texte im Angebot

Henry AlvesLiterature

The texts of Lea Sauer, Nadiah Riebensahm and Ronya Othmann experimentally reflect the diversity of the supermarket: In Lea Sauer’s text »REWEFICATION«, the supermarket is a place of consumption and non-place at the same time. It is subjected to structural logics of capitalism and global inequalities that Nadiah Riebensahm describes from a post-colonial perspective in »Im Winter fliegen die Vögel in den Norden«. In »Mein Herbrarium«, Ronya Othmann formulates a political voice: What is the link between the apple in the supermarket and international warfare? The reading is a collage that negotiates the complexity of the festival theme between capitalism, global inequality, and everyday life.

Slot: Sa, 10.08. - 15:00:00 Stage: Kühlregal