Levke & Franz*i

Annett JarewskiDiscourse, Speaker

Levke is a cultural scientist and is currently studying applied sexual science. For several years they have been involved with LGBTQIA* issues, anti-discrimination as well as political education. Levke believes that sexuality is the starting point for social change and no longer wants the body to be seen as a political battlefield.

Franz*i is a pedagogue and has a university teaching post. Her interests and professional focuses lie in the field of heterogeneity and inclusion research, diversity* in teaching and sexual education – all from a queer feminist perspective. Franz*i believes that sexuality is not private but political and should be negotiated accordingly.

Together they founded Sextalk3000, a monthly panel on sex, gender and politics. The focus lies on a personal exchange of experiences based on a sexpositivity and feminism. Sextalk3000 wants to break down shame and norms and make sexuality discussable.

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