Max Czollek: Desintegriert euch!

Henry AlvesLiterature

Max Czollek invites us to argue, as he observed strange rules in our country: On one hand, a good migrant is associated with a person who is informed about women’s oppression, Islamism and democracy. On the other hand, a good Jew needs to give information on anti-semitism, the Holocaust and Israel. This ›theatre of integration‹, as Czollek puts it, mistakenly stabilizes the image of a progressive culture that leads us in the right direction. At the same time, however, a right wing party celebrates political successes in Germany. Max Czollek’s polemic »Desintegriert euch!« outlines a strategy to escape this political theatre: disintegration as a way of thinking and a strategy for solidarity.

Slot: Sa, 10.08. - 18:00:00 Stage: Kühlregal