Ceren Türkmen

Annett JarewskiDiscourse, Speaker

Ceren Türkmen is a sociologist and explores the historical and theoretical relations between capitalism, classes, (anti-)racism, migration and feminism from a materialist perspective. Until 2018 she was a research associate at the Justus Liebig University in Giessen. Since the mid-1990s she has been active in migrant self-organisations, including Initiative Duisburg 1984 and the political sound art collective Ultra-red. Most recently … Read More

Das WETTER On Stage – feat. Cemile Sahin & Sascha Ehlert

Annett JarewskiLiterature

Inseparable since four years already: Berlin-based Korbinian publishing house and the music and literature magazine Das WETTER. As they productively work together for quite a while now, it is for sure that they present us what they are currently working on: The artist Cemile Sahin, who has already shown several of her works in Das WETTER, will be presenting her … Read More

Betreutes Schrauben

Annett JarewskiLocation Design

This year the collective Betreutes Schrauben is back at Fuchsbau Festival and wants to know: How do you deal with a stage of a size that makes everything and everyone appear small? Following the »super« in supermarket, their answer is megalomania: you expand the stage even more and wrap the audience with an oversized barcode in the centre of which … Read More

Zuher Jazmati

Annett JarewskiDiscourse, Speaker

Zuher Jazmati did his master’s degree in Empires, Colonialism and Globalisation at the London School of Economics. Currently he is working for “Adopt a Revolution” and as a DJ under the pseudonym xanax attax.

SEXTALK3000: A Conversation on Consent

Annett JarewskiDiscourse

Sex? O yes O no O maybe is it really that simple or much more complicated? How do I say no and how can I at best express my lustful approval of things. How do I know what I like and where my own limits lie? And how do I communicate them? Let’s talk about it!   Language: DE

Levke & Franz*i

Annett JarewskiDiscourse, Speaker

Levke is a cultural scientist and is currently studying applied sexual science. For several years they have been involved with LGBTQIA* issues, anti-discrimination as well as political education. Levke believes that sexuality is the starting point for social change and no longer wants the body to be seen as a political battlefield. Franz*i is a pedagogue and has a university … Read More

Camille Le Lous

Annett JarewskiLocation Design

Camille Le Lous is once again in charge of the guidance system on the festival grounds. The French designer is also Art Director and has been working freelance in Leipzig since 2011. Her works, based on typography and words – whether animated or tactile, 2D or 3D, whether on screen or analogue material – are not only square, practical, good, … Read More


Annett JarewskiLocation Design

Unconventional solutions are on permanent supply at studiomauer, an idealistic collective and ongoing experiment from Hanover. Anyone producing architecture, city and design on the side, will also find it easy to transform the minimalist and industrial exhibition space into a paradise for the recycled Fuchsbau Merch collection with bright colours and unique pieces. Here, cash register, dressing rooms, fashion pieces … Read More

Kollektiv HandFest

Annett JarewskiLocation Design

The Berlin based women’s collective HandFest likes craftsmanship, festivals and relaxed teamwork. This year the theme of Feinkost is right at the top of their shelves: Their stage at the Fuchsbau Festival offers fresh fruit, decorative plants and disco-pastries – displayed on an exclusive delicatessen stage. The wall next to the dance floor will be refined à la carte by … Read More


Annett JarewskiLocation Design

When the event and arts collective Fest.Land from Giessen is not currently active at festivals, they are committed to making Giessen a more liveable city and motivating others to do the same. Their spatial concept for us revolves around mass production, repetition and storage in the spirit of the wholesale supermarket. The result is an entrance area worthy of both … Read More