Annett JarewskiLocation Design

JASCHA&FRANZ design and stage sets, landscapes and experiences. This year they are back: between the loading ramp and the cooling shelf they create a spatial collage on cold supermarket tiles. STORNO is a stage in the ether of the world of commodities. In the backstage area of capitalism we bask in the radiant fruits of consumption. We want the in-between … Read More

Simon Schirmer

Annett JarewskiArts

Simon Schirmer is an illustration artist from Hanover. On prints, walls and objects he shows his intricate depiction of the daily ride through a world of fiction and facts. At the same time, he stays with a black slash – his trademark – and thus makes things seem slanted / but approachable.


Annett JarewskiArts

1-OFF SALE: Under the festival theme ›Supermarkt‹ Fuchsbau explores the codepencies between pop culture, fashion and politics. Where does art end and capitalism begin? Together with local designers from Hanover 1-OFF SALE reinterprets the combination of sustainability, fashion and merch. Designers: Luyu Zou, Henry Alves, Amelie Schulter, Peter Wendebourgh Styling: Kollektiv Stress (Nane Anna Bohn, Samira Körner) Screen printing: Pressure&Ink … Read More


Annett JarewskiArts

Epicenter is an interactive installation exploring the connection between our personal lifes and late capitalism. Different elements are staged in a collage-like way: A human-like puppet wearing the Epicenter logo lies in the middle of a regular-looking stand at a tech convention. Is it the host of the stand taking a nap? Is it a visitor of the event trying … Read More

In den Gängen

Annett JarewskiFilm

D: Thomas Stuber, DE 2018, 126 min, Subtitles: English Christian finds himself in a new, unknown world: the long aisles, the bustle at the ckeckouts, the forklifts. He meets Rudi, Pallet-Klaus, TV-Jürgen and Bruno, from the beverages sector. Bruno shows him how the work is done, teaches him how to operate the forklift, becomes a fatherly friend. In the aisles, … Read More

Das melancholische Mädchen

Annett JarewskiFilm

D: Susanne Heinrich, DE 2019, 80 min, Subtitles: English A girl roams through the city looking for a place to sleep. Along the way she meets young mothers who celebrate motherhood religiously, goes home with an abstinent existentialist for whom sex is just another market and waits for the end of capitalism in a drag bar. Her attempt to write … Read More

Enis Maci & Mazlum Nergiz: Eiscafé Europa

Annett JarewskiLiterature

What does resistance look like today? This question is asked by Enis Maci in her volume of essays »Eiscafé Europa«. She questions issues of mother tongue and personal background, and exposes the medial strategies of the far right and the marketing of right-wing femininity. Together with sound artist Mazlum Nergiz this reading is turned into a multimedia sound performance, which … Read More

Me and My Higher Self: Art and Social Change

Annett JarewskiDiscourse

Bunny Michael’s expertise lies not only in art and music, but also in the field of »self-care«. Taking care of the self, self-respecting self-esteem is very popular and mainstreamed. Often, however, this preservation of mental and physical health is reduced to the call to take a good bath, sometimes to stay at home and to focus on their own needs. … Read More

Guided tour through a supermarket

Annett JarewskiDiscourse

A visit to the supermarket implies the satisfaction of basic needs. Groceries, hygiene products, luxury schnick schnack. Meanwhile a lot of money is spend, thinking about all the parameters that decide, what we buy and how desire is woken. This guided supermarket tour discovers the concept and logic behind shelf displays and asks how the installation of space influences our … Read More

Annika Lock

Annett JarewskiMusic

Annika Lock transits between the inside, Hanover, the internet, Hildesheim, sound-tech-skill-sharing, the outside, Karlsruhe, Hamburg and in general: space. Meanwhile she questions any form of localications and explores in her sets emotional dance music and disrupted life, while dreaming of mutual care in every work and personal relationship. As DJ and co-host she’s been part of the collective disk.o in … Read More