Jakob Schnetz

Annett JarewskiArts

In his independent projects, the photographer Jakob Schnetz explores photographic possibilities of criticizing economic structures and mechanisms as well as representation politics. Fuchsbau Festival presents a selection of his series PLACE OF PROMISE. Herein, trade fair halls are understood to be cathedrals of the commodity world, sacred spaces in which customers of all interest groups are presented with the latest … Read More

Susanne Heinrich

Annett JarewskiFilm

Susanne Heinrich, a reverend’s daughter from eastern germany, wrote her first four books between the age of 19 and 25. She was awarded for her works many times i.e. with the invitation to the Bachmannpreis, residencies at the Villa Aurora L. A., Casa Baldi Olevano Romano and Schloss Solitude Stuttgart. Between 2012 and 2019 she studied directing at Film- und … Read More

Moritz Zedar

Annett JarewskiLiterature

Moritz Zedar studies Islamic Studies and (after the summer) Creative Writing in Leipzig. He is curating and moderating readings and discussions as part of the cultural club »Warte für Kultur und Debatte e.V.« which he founded one year ago.

Dr. Dirk Hohnsträter

Annett JarewskiDiscourse, Speaker

Dr. Dirk Hohnsträter is head of the research centre consumption culture at the University of Hildesheim. In his scientific work and as freelance author he works on culture, digitalisation and the relationship between consumption, critic and aesthetic.

Dr. Tiara Roxanne

Annett JarewskiDiscourse, Speaker

In her theoretical essays and artistic work Dr. Tiara Roxanne investigates the relationship between the Indigenous Body and AI. She is currently a researcher at Deutsches Zentrum für Integrations- und Migrationsforschung in Berlin.

Max Czollek: Desintegriert euch!

Henry AlvesLiterature

Max Czollek invites us to argue, as he observed strange rules in our country: On one hand, a good migrant is associated with a person who is informed about women’s oppression, Islamism and democracy. On the other hand, a good Jew needs to give information on anti-semitism, the Holocaust and Israel. This ›theatre of integration‹, as Czollek puts it, mistakenly … Read More

Lea Sauer, Nadiah Riebensahm & Ronya Othmann: Texte im Angebot

Henry AlvesLiterature

The texts of Lea Sauer, Nadiah Riebensahm and Ronya Othmann experimentally reflect the diversity of the supermarket: In Lea Sauer’s text »REWEFICATION«, the supermarket is a place of consumption and non-place at the same time. It is subjected to structural logics of capitalism and global inequalities that Nadiah Riebensahm describes from a post-colonial perspective in »Im Winter fliegen die Vögel … Read More

Ka-ching: The Sound of Freedom?

Henry AlvesDiscourse

What does the aesthetics of capitalist freedom look like in 2019? How does it sound? Freedom means choice, individualism, market, but also dignity within the framework of civil rights. The visualization of political projects is changing – pop culture increasingly becomes the playground of activist movements and vice versa. In contrast to the 1960s, this politicization does not take place … Read More

Key Conversation: Munroe Bergdorf on the Aesthetics of Protest

Henry AlvesDiscourse

Who or what sells well on Instagram or on Amazon is often defined by colonial patterns, capitalist ideals and ableism. What does it mean when protest movements collide with these worlds? How is the fashion business increasingly politicized and what does that mean? What do we think of the commercialization of political movements by mainstream figures in fashion and pop … Read More

How to be an Ally?

Henry AlvesDiscourse

Together we develop strategies and possibilities for action to support people affected by racism in everyday life and concrete everyday situations. In an open and discrimination-critical space, we work out how to act in concrete situations in order to act as allies for black people and people of color in Germany and empower them.