The Promi-Dinner with Hartmut El Kurdi and Ronya Othmann

Henry AlvesDiscourse

Greek yoghurt, hummus and flat bread have long since become integral components of German supermarket shelves. Food is a way of creating identity, but should also be enjoyed with caution. As a cooking show with Ronya Othmann and Hartmut El Kurdi, we raise questions about identity constructions through eating: What does country cuisine mean in the diaspora? What is the … Read More

Lu.v b2b Lazar

Henry AlvesMusic

Lazar, who’s part of the local Keep on! house mafia, teamed up with LU_V from Turnland to serve you with some honest dance music for your body, booty and soul.


Henry AlvesMusic

The duo Niclas Schnadhorst and Janis Zielinski, better know as Rotermund, transits around deep sounds with the influences of progressive from the 80’s to today. Rotermund is based on years of partnership between the artists from Hanover city, where they are part of the collective Upperground.


Henry AlvesMusic

ALSTER is a German based DJ and producer project. The duo got in touch with electronic music long ago. Since 2012 they play House, Deephouse, Techhouse and Techno in Mannheim and Heidelberg. After touring all over Germany and Europe, they took a short break. Now we welcome them back to get the dance floor heated again.

Sascha Ehlert

Henry AlvesLiterature

Sascha Ehlert founded “Das Wetter – Magazin für Text und Musik”, an independent magazine for culture and literature. He is one of three publishers of Korbinian Publishing House in Berlin. Since 8 years, Sascha writes about music and more. He started off as a freelance writer for a wide range of music magazines, and later worked as the editor-in-chief for … Read More

Cemile Sahin

Henry AlvesLiterature

Cemile Sahin is an artist living in Berlin. Her works are at the intersection of film, sculpture, sound and text. By examining how and where history and narratives originate and how they are being presented, she also traces how these elements change when we look at them from different perspectives. In 2019, the ArsViva Prize was awarded to Cemile. Equally, … Read More

Lennart Wiehe

Henry AlvesMusic

The past and present of music blend into eachother as soon as Lennart Wiehe comes around, making it his trademark. Born in the mid 90s when Rave was filling the world with new sounds, Lennart must have sponged it all up. His selection is guided by challenging, yet danceable basslines which he is mixing as a co-founder of the label … Read More

Mazlum Nergiz

Henry AlvesLiterature

Mazlum Nergiz studied cultural anthropology and comparative literature in Berlin, Weimar and Amsterdam and works at the intersection between theatre and radio play. His most recent work was curating the Performing Arts Festival »War or Peace« at the Maxim Gorki Theater in Berlin.

Enis Maci

Henry AlvesLiterature

Enis Maci studied Literal Writing and Cultural Sociology in Leipzig and London. Recently, she published her collection of essays “Eiscafé Europa” and her play “AUTOS”.

DJ Stingray

Henry AlvesIndex, Music

​Sherard Ingram aka DJ Stingray has been a strong presence in the world of techno for over twenty years. Growing up in Detroit, this school friend and DJ partner of Kenny Dixon Jr. realised his Urban Tribe project in 1991, a milestone in the city’s rich technosoul history. A couple of years later he released his debut album featuring collaborations … Read More