Julia Schramm

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Political Scientist and author Julia Schramm lives according to the mantra “let’s be free and see who cares.” She has become well-known for her, amongst others, 2016-book Fifty Shades of Merkel. Furthermore she is as a freelance writer (including Jungle World, Super Nova, taz) and works as a committee spokesperson for the parliamentary group leader of the Left in the … Read More

Bunny Michael

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“Bunny Michael is Instagram’s resident therapist…It’s like cognitive behavioral therapy in meme-form, and it’s brilliant.” — Paper Magazine With projects at the intersection of music, internet art and life advice, Bunny is not only an Instagram star but also your go-to expert in all things self-care. In a conversation at Fuchsbau we’ll be diving into the limits of the concept … Read More


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Greata has been hitting those dance floors with future beat, house music and electronica off the beaten path for eight years now. Disrupted by the occasional super smash hit, her sets convey a sense of ‘you can’t escape that mainstream but dancing to these rhythms you’re at least ahead of the game.’

DJ Paypal

Henry AlvesMusic

DJ Paypal is one of footwork’s most fascinating figures. His playful moniker and internet-savvy branding hints at a healthy sense of humour, but his music is as lush and soulful as his fellow Teklife producer’s. As the leader of Mall Music Inc, the label home to peers like DJ Orange Julius and DJ Mastercard, he’s outlined a new take on … Read More

ADHD Penetration

Henry AlvesPerformance

In ADHD Penetration, virtual selves step offscreen. Devices mediate imagined worlds where negotiations of attention and contrasting forms of liveness or embodiment are performed. Penetrating “attention deficit hyperactivity disorder” as both a diagnosis and extrapolated condition of the 21st century elicits total uninvolvement and hyper-presence. Offline and live-streaming to unseeable destinations, the performance empathizes for impressions of a world consumed … Read More

Natascha P.

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In her song “Haus mit Garten” (House with Garden) Natascha P. describes herself as young, violent and radically left-wing. In order to ensure that this mentality remains the same also at the age of 30, art needs to take place far from existing structures. Consequentially, everything is done by herself. Besides, there is simply more stuff going on if we … Read More


Henry AlvesMusic

With a sound oscillating between RnB, Pop, and HipHop the Hamburg-based label One Mother produces new diasporic narratives that open up room for solidarity, art, and anger management. With One Mother, label heads Preach and Natascha P. bring queer-feminist HipHop to Hannover.


Henry AlvesMusic

How is a star born? Does it just pop out of nothing and it’s just there? Or does its light first has to reach earth after traveling for millions and millions of lightyears through space until it comes into being? These sort of questions may befall you as the grave and etheral sounds of Hope are swooshing onto you. Because … Read More

Arpana Aischa Berndt & Maja Bogojević

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Arpana Aischa Berndt is an author and anti-rascism coach. She is giving workshops and also writes about her encounters with racism as a woman of color in Germany. In her speeches she talks about racial-concious thinking, allyship and turning around power dynamics in writing. Maja Bogojevic is a social scientist, artist, activist and film director concentrating on anti-racism, intersectional queer-feminism, … Read More

Haus of Bubu

Henry AlvesPerformance

Secrets of Bubu: Magic Swords Adventure, Three Magenta Sisters Dance Guilt – Doberman Drag Poison Egg Pinch. Theater Bugs Castle, Sumac Octopus Mythologies Vogue. Hope Family Camp Lies Mystery, Face Secret Lime, Trust Forest Cum and the Lost Snakes Hands Pomegranate. a HAUS OF BUBU Production Concept, Choreography, Music & Performance HAUS OF BUBU with Psoriasis, Martini Cherry Furter, Lil … Read More