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With non-western sounds between noise and ambient Hamburg musician Rosacea is shaking up normative understandings of listening aiming towards new forms of identity. Her brute sounds make her music an experience beyond literal attributions. On her recent debut album „Nadia’s Escape“ she is utilizing her voice and those of other êzîdian women rendering her own narrative of a collective trauma. … Read More

Junge Norddeutsche Philharmonie: Quantified Concert

Henry AlvesMusic

In cooperation with Junge Norddeutsche Philarmonie we will level the playing field between classical music and digitalization. In a specially created concert format an orchestra interacts with visual artists while an interdisciplinary team of programmers probing into the digital footprint of our festival. How does a classical concert work in which its visitors take an unwilling role through their „quantified … Read More


Henry AlvesMusic

Creamcake is a queer and open platform at the interface of music, technology and art. The collective was founded by Daniela Seitz and Anja Weigl who, since 2011, are regularly organizing concerts, performances, exhibitions, workshops and digital projects, co-operating among others with institutions such as Akademie der Künste, HAU Hebbel am Ufer, OHM and Südblock. In 2016 Creamcake called the … Read More

One Mother

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Starting out as a small collective of young artists in 2016 One Mother have clearly left their mark in the German music scene by now. Their sound meanders between hiphop, pop and experimental, really anything that serves as an outlet for their emotions in the relentless world outside their studio. By curating the party series GLOBAL FEMINIST BAD(B)ASS at Kampnagel, … Read More


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Diaspora as an euphoric mix of dance beats from the african continent – that is Juba. If you’re up for the world of afrobeats, afrohouse, highlife music and similar genres this is going to be your go-to artist at this year’s Fuchsbau. Her parties raise the roof of London and other european dance cities – so don’t miss it when … Read More


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Very seldomly someone sings about the issues of being young as vile and still somehow graceful as Ilgen-Nur. The german-turkish indie-rocker doesn’t try to be cool, on the contrary, she’s making the effort for it her issue. „Just trying to be cool, but I feel like a fool“ – we feel you, Ilgen. We’re already excited for her garage glamour … Read More

Colin Self presents ‘Siblings’

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Listening to the chants of Colin Self is like abadoning oneself to a queer sirens call. The american singer and composer modulates and manipulates until all untimely gender boundaries are desolved. Afterthoughts of digital club music intertwine with a divas grandeur. ‘Siblings’ is making their aesthetics a virtue.

Bendik Giske

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With his debut album “Surrender” in 2018 Norwegian artist Bendik Giske completely bowled over our understanding of electronical music. Building sax-tracks that go beyond its instrumental acoustics Giske creates sounds as much poetic as they are sexy. Inspiration right from the sweaty dancefloors of Berlin’s nightclubs.

Shaka McGlotten

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Shaka McGlotten is a social anthropologist with a background in the fine arts. Their work brings together the theoretical insights of queer studies with the methodological tool-kit of anthropology to deploy new media technologies in relation to queer cultures. They have published and lectured on public sex, black genders, online cultures, pornography, gaming, zombie sexuality, human waste, voguing, and more. … Read More

Munroe Bergdorf

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Known for her refreshingly honest insight into ‘white privilege’, diversity and the LGBTQ+ community, model and activist Munroe Bergdorf has proven to be the brave and bold voice which our society needs. An icon in an age of increasing social awareness, Bergdorf uses her sizeable profile to advocate for a fairer world and empowering individuals to fight for positive change. … Read More