Foto: Thomas Puschmann

S OR 8

Henry AlvesIndex, Performance

In S OR 8 a group of dancers constructs a liminal space between party and performance that explores values of leisure, labor and productivity. Their bodies become the generative force in a system of never-ending production of pleasure, collectivity, ambiguity and individual obsession, taking the need for constant progress to absurd ends.

A performance by Xenia Taniko
with Renen Itzhaki, Roni Katz, Kai Merke, Josefine Mühle, Lyllie Rouvière, Zhenya Salinski

Xenia Taniko is a Choreographer and Performer based in Berlin. In their work they are occupied with the artificial nature of human existence and the ways societal norms are inscribed in the body. They use physical intensity, props and other aesthetic means to stage bodies on the threshold of estrangement and alienation.

Slot: Fr, 09.08. - 23:00:00 Stage: Storno