We went to the supermarket and all they had were complex power structures

Annett JarewskiDiscourse

»Stone throwing attack on Denn’s organic market are met with incomprehension«
»The world is turned upside-down in Berlin’s eco-neighborhood: Kreuzberg residents fight for Aldi«

Supermarkets are not just places where everyday shopping is done. There is a debate about taste issues, about ethical consumption but also about the big debates of our globalized but fragmented world. Does a global proletariat exist and what is up to us to do? What does solidarity look like in a capitalist system? How are today’s flows of goods related to the remnants of colonialism? On the one hand, this roundtable examines whether only high earners can afford products with fair working conditions and a sustainable climate impact. On the other hand, we look at the connections between race, global capitalism and class struggle.


Language: German

Slot: Sa, 10.08. - 13:00:00 Stage: Kühlregal