Space and Gaze

Space and Gaze


Short films 4. August 2019

Savyasachi Anju Prabir records everyday videos, sounds and images. Sometimes he makes films out of them and sometimes he just plays them back to himself. He is a graduate in Film and Contemporary Arts from Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Bengaluru. His thesis film, Miilelam Miiyoh, evolved from over a month-long process of living and engaging with the Yimchunger community deep in the forests of Fakim in Nagaland. He directed his second documentary film with a fellowship grant on life in a small Himalayan village in India. After completion of the Early Career Fellowship at School of Media and Cultural Studies, TISS, Mumbai he enrolled at the University of Munster, Germany to pursue his Masters in Visual Anthropology. Fuchsbau Kontent presents two of his short films.


In India, Decathlon became an attraction due to its sheer size and variety. People, young and old, could be observed exploring the space in their own pace. The idea was to document the reaction and experience of the customers at the store. The objective was to observe people in the space and try to build short cyclical narratives that capture their experiences.

Static Bombay


The gaze illustrates social and cultural structures that we as humans have created amongst ourselves. This film is an effort to illustrate this power dynamic through the gaze of the camera and the non-actors. The film is made with documentary footage shot on 16mm with the intention of capturing the rarest moments of Bombay (Mumbai), the moments when one sees someone static in this sleepless dynamic city of dreams. A static individual is a dreamer, lost in thought, lost in the dreams that Bombay failed to realize for them.